The 20 Best Online Masters In Counseling Programs


Counseling-Badge-20OnlineMastersFor those who intend to further their education in order to help people in a bigger and better way through counseling, it is very important to conduct thorough research of different colleges that offer counseling masters programs. Continue reading this article to discover 22 of the best colleges and universities that offer master degree programs in counseling.

1. University of Tennessee – Martin

tennesseeThe University of Tennessee offers a mental health counseling program that features two major concentrations; school counseling and clinical mental health counseling. The school counseling aspect educates students in taking care of children, spouses, teachers, and how to work in an education-based environment. The clinical mental health aspect focuses on the care of the general public. All students complete an internship to accompany their classroom experience and to truly gain clinical practice and knowledge. The program requires 60 credit hours. Click here for more information.

2. LeTourneau University Online

logoVerticalAs a Christian university, LeTourneau incorporates faith and religion into their well-renowned mental health counseling program. The program teaches students how to build and maintain a professional, safe, secure counseling environment as well as how to incorporate religion and scripture into their work. More information on LeTourneau University’s mental health counseling program can be found here.

3. Gwynedd Mercy University

Gwynedd-mercy-university-logoGwynedd Mercy University’s counseling program is known as the Accelerated Online Masters in School Counseling. The program is divided into three parts or sequences. It successfully blends a mixture of clinical training and application with classroom learning and the study of theories. All classes are taught by professionals in the field, allowing students to truly gain access to their careers, both through extended knowledge as well as connections. The program consists of 48 credit hours. To learn more about this program, click here.

4. University of Massachusetts

University_of_Massachusetts_logo.svgThe University of Massachusetts’ mental health counseling program, known as the Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, is a 60 credit program that prepares students to enter the career field as professional counselors. Two weeks of in class, clinical work is required in the beginning of the program, however the remainder of the class is taught online. These first two weeks of classes are generally taught in the middle of July. 3 credits are required per course, and each credit is $490. More information on the Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling can be found here.

5. Bellevue University Online

Bellevue UniversityBellevue University, as well as their mental health counseling program, are accredited by The Higher Learning Commission through the U.S. Department of Education. The program requires 60 credits, costing $515 per credit hour. Students complete 40 hours of observation and 900 hours of clinical internship. The combination of these two aspects of the program allow students to strengthen both their knowledge as well as their physical skills. The online format is flexible, easy to use, and always engaging. Click here for more information on Bellevue University’s mental health counseling program.

6. Lamar University

LamarKnown as the Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Lamar University’s clinical mental health counseling program is designed to produce counselors with an extremely broad range of people and problems that they can help with. The program requires 60 credit hours, and every 3 hour course is $705. It can be completed in as little as 27 months. Students become familiar with various things, including human growth and development, counseling skills, crisis prevention and intervention, ethics, and more. For more information on this program, click here.

7. Fort Hays State

Fort_Hays_State_University_(emblem)Fort Hays State provides a flexible online program for receiving your Master of Science in Counseling. Two tracks are offered; a school counseling degree requires 45 credit hours and a community counseling degree requires 60 credit hours. Courses can range from The Management of Counseling Programs, and Theories in Counseling, to Psychopathology and Additions Counseling. While this program is mostly online, they do require three 4-day on-campus courses.

8. Yorkville University (Canada)

yorkvilleu_youtube_avatarYorkville University’s counseling program, known as The Faculty of Behavioural Sciences Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP), focuses on counseling theory, interventions, testing, and assessment. The program offers electives, seminars, and group activities. Graduates of Yorkville’s program have a various number of options as to where to take their new skills and knowledge after graduation, such as the BC Association of Clinical Counselors, the New Brunswick Teachers Association, and many more. More information on the Faculty of Behavior Sciences Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology can be found here.

9. University of the Southwest Online

usouthwestThe counseling program offered by the University of the Southwest Online provides counseling training recognized by the American Counseling Association (ACA). There are two separate plans that are offered to students. One requires 48 hours of students’ time, while the other requires 60 hours. While there are two different plans that are available to students, the general goal of the program is to produce capable, educated, knowledgeable mental health counselors that will be able to accurately apply their learned skills to their everyday practices. For more information on the University of the Southwest’s Online mental health counseling program, click here.

10. University of the Cumberlands

University_of_the_Cumberlands_sealTwo specializations are offered at the University of the Cumberlands in their Masters of Counseling degree program. The Addiction Counseling track fulfills requirements to become a licensed professional counseling and a licensed/certified addiction counselor. The Clinical Mental Health Counseling track is a general mental health program and focuses on areas such as private practice, marriage and family counseling and child and adolescent counseling. You are required to complete 60 hours of graduate level work, but once completed you are qualified to begin a career in anything from Mental Health Counseling to an Educator in your field.

11. Wake Forest University

2013521161351.png_mWake Forest University has a mental health counseling program that focuses mainly on human growth and development, helping relationships, group work, career and lifestyle development, and research and program evaluation. It combines classroom work with internship experiences in order to provide the most well-rounded education possible. It is a 60 hour program that consists of 39 total credits. Wake Forest, as well as all of their programs, are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) through 2016. This program, specifically, is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). For more information on this program, feel free to click here.

12. Walden University Online

loans-for-caribbean-medical-schoolWalden University is one of a very few select schools that offer a CACREP-accredited master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling online. The program is designed to educate students and promote a safe, confident, knowledgeable approach to mental health counseling. The course requires a total of 90 credit hours, at $465 per quarter hour. Over 48 months, it is roughly estimated to cost around $48,000. The time needed to complete the program is dependent on the student’s personal situation. More information on this program can be found here.

13. Grand Canyon University

6rml91el6o3etx0yzycrGrand Canyon University offers a renowned mental health counseling program. Upon graduation, students will not only be able to practice mental health counseling, but they will also be able to provide specialized counseling for clients with substance abuse issues, as well as family and marital disputes. The program focuses of a wide variety of topics, such as human sexuality, growth and development, trauma counseling, marriage counseling, substance abuse, and more. It can be taken either online, on campus, or both. For more information, click here.

14. Northwestern University

downloadNorthwestern University offers a reputable program known as the Master of Arts in Counseling program. The school prides themselves on applying innovative teaching styles as well as the most recent research and theories into the counseling program. Students are trained by seasoned professionals of the field using real-life examples for each case studied. This allows students to experience clinical work and apply skills that will be essential to them in their careers. Completion time is, as always, dependent on each individual student. For more information, feel free to click here.

15. Liberty University

Gc2ilr6RLiberty University’s mental health counseling program is known as the Master of Arts in Professional Counseling program. It provides students with an interactive, comprehensive training and education process. To complete the program, students must complete 60 total credit hours. Each credit is $520. Liberty University’s program was recently nominated as one of the top 5 mental health counseling programs in the nation. It will prepare students for a multitude of careers in the counseling field. For more information, click here.

16. National University

nationalThe Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology is mainly designed for students who want to practice solely in counseling. The program places an emphasis on family and marriage counseling and is mainly geared towards those who have an interest in working with children or families. The program can be completed within a maximum of seven years. Students take part in classes such as family therapy, group therapy, the treatment of addictions, child and adolescent therapy, and more. More information on National University’s program can be found here.

17. Regent University

Regent-logoRegent University’s mental health counseling program, the M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, incorporates religion and biblical references into traditional counseling education in order to provide a spiritual and faith-driven work base to connect on a deeper level with clients. The program requires 60 credit hours. Graduates of this program have the opportunity not only to work in a clinical setting, but also in a christian-based setting, perhaps in a church group or other type of religious setting. For more information on this program, click here.

18. Medaille College Online

Medaille_new_pmsMedaille College offers an esteemed mental health counseling program. It is approved by the New York State Education Department. In as little as two years, students receive a lifetime worth of valuable knowledge and information. Classes, taught by seasoned professionals, offer a unique one-on-one atmosphere to promote further learning. The online program offers complete freedom and flexibility for students who are already working or have other reasons as to why being a full-time traditional student would just not be possible for them. The program is a total of 60 credit hours. Click here for more information on this program.

19. Chicago School of Professional Psychology Online

Chicago-School-of-Psych-emblemThe Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers an interactive online program that provides students with a massive opportunity to enter the career field and become excellent mental health care providers. The online structure provides lots of flexibility, ideal for students who do not have a large amount of time to physically dedicate to school. Topics covered in the program include depression, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, stress, suicidal impulses, and more. It typically takes around 3 years to complete the program part time, but can take up to a maximum of five years. There is a total of 60 credits needed to graduate from this program. For more information, click here.

20. Seton Hall University Online

seton-hall-university_200x200Seton Hall University’s online program is a unique combination of a Master’s program and an Education Specialist program. The web-based format allows massive amounts of flexibility and personalization for each student, all while retaining the traditional, professional environment of Seton Hall University. The program is nationally recognized, and has been utilized by some of the nation’s best mental health counselors for the last three decades. It is a 48 credit program, and the total cost is $35,500. Seton Hall also offers a program that combines online studying with physical classroom studying, which is a 60 credit program that runs $44,340. More information can be found here.