The Damning Statistics of Veteran Suicides in the U.S.

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Suicide has long been a taboo subject, but when comedian/ actor Robin Williams committed suicide by asphyxiation in early Aug 2014, the general public took notice. It was all over TV, newspapers, social media and blogs. Everyone had their opinion about the tragic event.

However, nearly a month after that, by Sep 10th, 2014 — World Suicide Prevention Day — about another 65,000 people or so had taken their lives around the world — unbeknownst to most people except those closest to them, unless they were famous. This is based on an estimate of over 804,000 suicide deaths per year worldwide (as of 2012), according to WHO (World Health Organization). In the seven days of National Suicide Prevention Week, which took place from Sept. 8-14 in the U.S. in 2014, an estimated 730 people or more likely took their life, based on an American suicide count of 36-39,000 deaths per year in recent years. Then there are all those people who attempted suicide but did not succeed.