10 Best TED Talks on Mental Health


In today’s digital world, many of us find ourselves bombarded with a wealth of media content, particularly online. Though endless pages of content may be available to us at the click of a button, it can be particularly difficult to find meaningful, quality content online, especially in regards to mental health issues.

TED Talks, many of which are now available online, offer refreshingly smart, emotional content to those looking to explore such subjects as mental health from a more personal perspective. Today, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the most thought-provoking TED Talks that consider the complex way in which we manage our mental health. These intelligent lecturers speak from the heart, often providing viewers with a personal look at the ways in which such illnesses as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia affect their everyday lives. Whether or not you suffer from mental health issues yourself, these talks are an inspiring reminder that some of the most difficult illnesses are the ones that no one else can see. Fortunately, however, mental health treatment is improving every day, a topic many of these lecturers also discuss. If you’re in need of inspiration, watch one of these talks today. Your perspectives on mental health will likely be changed forever.