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12 Must Attend Counseling Conferences for 2015

12 Must Attend Counseling Conferences for 2015

Whether you are looking for a fabulous conference on genetic counseling, mental health counseling or collegiate counseling, look no further than our list of 12 can’t miss counseling conferences of 2015. We have hand-picked some of the most innovative and inspiring counseling conferences that will be sure to enlighten you this year.

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The 10 Best Online Marriage and Family Counseling Programs

The 10 Best Online Marriage and Family Counseling Programs

The purpose of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) is to help couples and/or families overcome difficult hurdles and enable healthier family environments. If this type of work interests you, there’s never been a better time to pursue a career in Marriage and Family Counseling....

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The 50 Best Self-Help Books of All-Time

The 50 Best Self-Help Books of All-Time

Today’s fast-paced and high-stress culture has spawned thousands of self-help books, each promising to be the key to living a happier and more successful life. With so much choice, it is easy for quality titles to get lost among the shelves...

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The 20 Best Online Masters In Counseling Programs

The 20 Best Online Masters In Counseling Programs

For those who intend to further their education in order to help people in a bigger and better way through counseling, it is very important to conduct thorough research of different colleges that offer counseling masters programs....

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Our mission at Best Counseling Schools is to provide unbiased information and rankings about the best online and traditional counseling degree programs around the country. We are taking a comprehensive look at various schools and the degrees that they offer.

Our goal is to provide potential students with as much data as possible to assist them in making an educated decision regarding their educational experience and investment. Making a decision about colleges to apply to can be an intimidating task, we hope to help you make that decision a little easier.

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The benefit of personal growth and self-discovery is that we become better human beings with the strength to endure and carry on, and then we may experience something magical when we begin to reach out to others

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Areas of Focus for Counseling:

Life Coach >

Life Coaching can cover broad topics of your life. A life coach can assist you with everything from relationship maintenance, finances and budgeting skills, stress management, just to name a few areas. An individual looking to become a life coach should have a passion for helping people. While a life coach isn’t an expert in all of these areas of your personal life, they are expert coaches and can help you draw the best out of your self.

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counseling >

Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling, sometimes called rehabilitation counseling, is a field where counselors seek to help the addicted individual learn what underlying causes and self-destructive behaviors or thought patterns led to the addiction in order to help the individual overcome or manage the addiction.

Credit Counselor >

Credit counselors can assist you with a variety of financial needs. They can assist you with budget planning and implementation for personal expenses. Credit counselors can also look at debt management and assist you in positive financial planning. Credit counselors can work within private credit counseling firms and are also common within faith-based arenas.

Grief Counselor >

Grief counselors are counselors that assist you in dealing with the emotions of loss. Whether it is a career, person, pet, grief is real and can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. A trained grief counselor can guide you through your bereavement period and help you being to adapt to a new normal. Loss can be defeating and it is not uncommon to need to reach out for help when dealing with loss.

Career Counselor >

Career development and decisions cannot be made on a whim. A career can take a lifetime to build, design and plan, so why wouldn’t you want some advice on one of the biggest decisions of your life? Career counselors can help you evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses as well as establish career goals.

Mental Health Counselor >

A mental health counselor assists patients in dealing with normal cognitive processes cope with the events of their life. Whether it be death, loss of a job, family structure changes, the role of a mental health counselor can be vast. Some mental health counselors also will deal with individuals with mental health disorders such as bipolar or substance abuse. The role of a mental health counselor is a critical one. They are often times in constant communication with patients, helping them deal with daily responsibilities and plans.

Marriage Counselor >

A marriage counselor assists couple in evaluating, maintaining or possibly repairing their marriages. A couple seeking counsel and advice from a counselor could be looking to strengthen their relationship through a transition or repair the marriage from issues with infidelity, distrust or damage. A marriage counselor will help you evaluate your communication skills and possibly restore love that has been damaged or lost.

Christian Counselor >

Christian Counseling can be viewed in very different ways. For most pastors/clergy counseling is part of their daily duties. They are often thought of in a “moral compass” perspective and can be a great source of faith-based beliefs for making life changing decisions. From pre-marital counseling to grief counseling, christian counseling can run the gamut of needs. The perspective will always find it’s way back to biblical teachings and applying those parables, stories, teachings to your current situation.

Depression Counselor >

Depression is a very common struggle; at some point nearly everyone has felt depressed about something that is happening in their lives. Whether it is dealing with loss, addiction, financial stress, depression, if left untreated can become debilitating and overwhelming. Depression counselors are trained to help you deal with these times in your life, whether it be written and verbal communication or treating your depression clinically. Outreach from depression counselors can be life-changing.

Marriage and Family Counselor >

The role of a marriage and family counselor can cover many things. A family counselor can assist families in transition of divorce or remarriage, adoption, loss, health issues, just to name a few. A family counselor will work with your entire household, if need be, including children and adults. Family counselors can also act , in many ways, like a mental health counselor and can assist with addiction and mental health issues.

Crisis Counselor >

A crisis counselor can be there during the most traumatic times in a persons life. From natural disasters such as powerful storms, floods or fires to unthinkable tragedies like car accidents, random violent acts, a crisis counselor is equipped to help you process your surroundings and put a plan of action in place. A crisis counselor is prepared to help you fine-tune your coping skills.

Guidance Counselor >

A guidance counselor is often times in an academic setting. In elementary school settings guidance counselors are commonly utilized to help evaluate behaviors of their students. They can be integral in teaching social acceptance, behavior techniques and coping skills to young students. As students move on through school guidance counselors play a pivotal role in class selection and placement and can be an integral part of planning your collegiate experience. Guidance counselors can help plan college visits, help you evaluate strengths for possible career placement as well as help students deal with the challenges of being a teenager.

Genetic Counselor >

Genetic counselors play a crucial role when discussing health science topics. While armed with the medical knowledge of genetic conditions, they are also poised with counseling and coping skills. Genetic counselors help families make decisions about medical conditions that can be hereditary and recurring in their loved ones lives. They also have the delicate task of promoting medically responsible advice. Genetic counselors can also work with the masses in educational settings.